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Serving the Fiduciary Community Since 1992

Whether an estate is large or small, our agency will perform each search with diligence and professionalism.

Do you have an estate with missing heirs that need to be located?  Knowing where to search is the first step … We can save you time, money and frustration.  

Due to the unprecedented mobility of individuals today, as well as other reasons such as potential estrangement, substance abuse, homelessness issues, locating heirs is not always as easy as searching 411 telephone listings. When initial heir searches fail to track down that hard-to-find individual or the scope of the heir search involves complicated multi-generational genealogy, intelligent fiduciary decision-making involves choosing the right heir locator firm. Select Heir Locators has assisted law firms, banks, trust companies, trustees and other estate professionals for over 20 years by providing missing heir searches, as well as wider genealogy research, for trusts, estates or property matters. We also have assisted in finding copyright holders for the music and publishing industries.
Unlike percentage based firms, we offer our services based on a competitive hourly rate, which is not affected by the size of the estate.

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