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Our genealogical and heir search experience includes:


·       Locating one or more specifically named heirs.
·       Identifying and locating groups of missing heirs, such as heirs at law, in the event of intestacy, for notice       or a trust under will.
·       Procuring available relevant documentation to prove the identity of located persons and their relationship       to the decedent.
·       Preparing affidavits and reports, as well as providing detailed family tree charts.
.    locate copyright holders for the music and publishing industries.

·       Conducting research in Canada, the U.S. and overseas.


Our clients are provided status updates on a monthly basis and a full report of our results upon completion of the research.We offer our services based on a competitive hourly rate, which is not affected by the size of the estate.  Should you choose to employ our services, a five (5) hour minimum is required, which allows us to review and analyze all known information, to develop a research plan and to make some beginning inquiries.

Select Heir Locators has the expertise and desire to help you solve your heir locating dilemma. 
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